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Sunoco USRA Factory Stock participants will compete against the best in the country at this year's Winona Arizona Super Stock Series. These four monstrous events comprise a total of 12 events, each with its own unique variation of the classic stock race.

In addition to the possibility of allowing racers to compete at regional level, the Great Lakes Water Cross event also offers the opportunity to qualify for the IJSBA World Championship, which takes place annually in the town of Havasu am See. Other entries with national championship pedigrees are the USRA Super Stock Series and the American Stock Association (ASSA). Winona hosts two of the most prestigious events in the United States of America: the Arizona Grand Prix (GPASA) and the Arizona Superstock Series.

Both will compete at the Nationals, which will be held September 3-5 in Nashville, Tennessee, as part of the USRA Super Stock Series National Championships.

If you want to spend a day exploring the many attractions of Grand Falls in Arizona, be sure to visit the Winona Trading Post, one of the most popular tourist attractions in the area. Open daily until Christmas, they have several hiking trails that allow you to discover the local buildings that line the walls of the gorge, as well as several huts. The winery, café, gas, grocery stores and several cottages are offered by the wineries, along with a café and gas and food. Sign up for our daily Phoenix email and be the first to get all the food, drinks and fun in town.

Earth Science Picture Day EPOD will highlight the many processes and phenomena that shape our planet and life on Earth, from the formation of our solar system to the evolution of the Earth's atmosphere and oceans, to its formation and evolution.

In many ways, he said, there is no better place in the world than the ruins that line the Verde Valley in central Argentina. One of the most iconic features of Route 66 in Arizona is its ability to capture the essence of classic Route 66 from the 1940s.

This seems to be the only town in the song that is not mentioned in its geographical sequence, and Flagstaff is further west. Zoll described the two meteorite sites in a book published in the fall: "The meteorite crater and the wingfield meteorite site. The second site was discovered in 2004, the "Wingfield" meteorite 115 kilometers north of the city of Flagstaff. In fact, much of northern Arizona is littered with all sorts of meteorites of varying size and shape, Zolls said, from the meteorite craters at the summit of Gila River National Park to the giant meteorite impact that formed the meteorite crater 50,000 years ago.

The National Old Trails Highway coincides with the West Two Guns of 1915, and you can drive north on the north side of the highway from Flagstaff - from south to north and east to north.

The West Two Guns show the bed of Route 66 from 1915 to 1930, but it is no longer a road to be driven on. You can still make it to the original street bed from 1926 - 1938, and there is a section where the old street bed goes, so you can see it. There are sections of road that can be used, but this section cannot be used, and you cannot drive on this road.

The old road is interrupted by the I-40 service area coming from the north and ends at Exit 245, where you can get to North Frontage Rd. This segment ends in a dead end, making it impossible to exit I / 40 at exit 252.

This brings you to the other side of Little Colorado, where you stand at the waterfalls instead of looking at them. You can drive down the bumpy road to the fork on the left, which allows you to see the waterfall, but not cross the small Colorado River. Turn left and you will drive about an hour longer, and then you will have to turn left again.

The muddy waterfalls are a sight not to be missed, but March and April are the best times to visit the waterfalls, which have evolved into a muddy stream that descends 190 feet above the Colorado River at the foot of the mountain, about 1.5 miles from the river.

Grand Falls in Arizona is a fantastic place to explore and people even choose to hike to the water, but remember that you must be careful not to leave any traces, especially any garbage, this is Navajo land. Grand Falls, one of the most popular waterfalls in the United States, is fed by snow melt and rain from the White Mountains and flows into the Little Colorado River. The best time to visit the waterfalls is the time of the snow melt in spring, and some water is carried down the creek by the snow melting in spring.

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