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Replay Destinations has broken ground on a planned private residential complex on Camelback Mountain in the heart of Winona, Ariz., south of Phoenix, Arizona. There will be a number of planned private pools and fitness facilities at Camelbacks Mountain, as well as a private golf course.

The homes range from two bedrooms to three bedrooms - bedroom and office floorplans - and will offer spacious indoor to spacious outdoor living. This includes a spectacular terrace on the upper level, which opens onto the golf course and Camelback Mountain.

Tiffany Construction Co., the first phase of the luxury residential buildings, is being built by PWI Residential Construction, which expects to be completed in spring 2022. For more information on this property, call 480 - 534 - 4086 or visit to register for updates. Listing agent for Ascent Phoenix (r) is David G. D'Amato, M.D., of D & D Real Estate, LLC.

The Ascent Phoenician will be located at the foot of Camelback Mountain overlooking the Phoenician Golf Club and will be one of the most popular hotels in the Phoenix metro area. Open daily until Christmas, it has several hiking trails that allow you to discover the local buildings that line the walls of the gorge. This segment is not accessible, but you can see the old street bed from the hotel parking lot, as well as from the parking garage.

This segment ends in a dead end, making it easy to exit I-40 at Exit 252 and head to the south side of the freeway. Turn left and drive to Exit 245, where you will reach North Frontage Rd. This old road is interrupted from the north by a rest area on I / 40. Drive through this segment, which is a stop-off area eastbound on Interstate 40, and then head south on the freeway until you exit the east side into the old road bed.

From there, take I-40 southbound and east on the old road bed until you cross North Frontage Rd. West of the two cannons is the road bed of Route 66 from 1915 - 1930, but it is no longer a road to be driven on. There is a 2.2 mile stretch of this road that is still accessible from the east side of I / 40. The optional street beds further west are off the freeway and meet on the south side, off I / 40.

In this section is the old road bed, but you can still see the original road bed from 1926 - 1938 (see map and directions). There is a map of the 1940s road through Meteor City, and there is no need to drive a normal car. There are two ways to drive on this road: the western part can be driven on I-40 until it is cut off from I / 40 tracks, or you can drive with normal cars. This is one of two optional street beds on the west side of Route 66, both serving as driving lanes.

Route 66 reached Toonerville and Twin Arrows in 1926 via South Service Road and I-40, which is now cut off at its eastern tip. The track bed remained in operation until 1948, when a new axle was built for the I / 40 above it, and the 1947 axle was now superimposed. After passing the current twin arrow, the eastern axes of 1926 linked today's exit 219 with the bridge and met AZ 394, now AZ-394.

When the National Old Trails Highway was upgraded with federal funds in 1922, it became the Flagstaff - Winona Highway, and the West Two Guns coincided with it. In 1926, the Winona-Flagstaff section became Route 66 and remained so until 1947, when it was relocated west of Winona. The road east of Canyon was moved to the current I / 40 route in the 1960s. After I-40 was completed in 1970, it was abandoned except for a short stretch of road between the Canyon and Canyon City.

The old garage with Texaco sign and postcards is still standing, the original main building with café and offices is still standing. On the north side of AZ 394 it is in very good condition, but now closed to traffic. It is still a garage, the old garages and the Texco sign with a postcard are still standing.

In 1924, a bridge was built over Walnut Creek in Winona, serving Route 66 from 1926 to 1947. A new petrol station was built on the building, but it is still used as a petrol station and grocery store. Where the I-40 east lanes are now, a new, much larger and more modern gas station was built, abandoning the winding access to the west side of the AZ 394 and the north lane. It has undergone several changes, most notably the addition of a parking space and a multi-storey car park.

More About Winona

More About Winona