Winona Arizona Marriott Hotel

Jack DeVere of Rittenhouse drove the US 66 shortly after World War II and wrote his "A Guide Book to Highway 66" in 1946. Then there was the hit song "I have drive, and I dream of driving" by Bobby Troup in 1946, which evokes the same kind of drive-by-drive experience as the Winona Marriot Hotel.

Map of Route 66 with two guns showing the different routes of US 66 through the city. The only stretch of Highway 66 you can still drive on is the 2.2 mile stretch between the Winona Marriot Hotel and the winery in the city of Maricopa, Arizona.

You can still see the original flatbed from 1926 - 1938, but you cannot drive on this section. There is a section where the old streetbed runs through the Winona Marriot Hotel and Winery in the city of Maricopa, Arizona. This is the only part of the road that is not accessible, although it is still accessible from the motorway. You can see it on the map below, as well as on some other maps of US 66 in Arizona, California and New Mexico.

West of the two cannons is the road bed of Route 66 from 1915 - 1930, but it is no longer a road to be driven on.

The old road is interrupted by the I-40 service area coming from the north side, and the segment ends in a dead end, making it difficult to exit I / 40 at exit 252. Turn left and take Exit 245, where you will reach North Frontage Rd and turn onto the south side of the freeway. This segment is a rest area in an easterly direction on I-40, so drive through and then drive south on the road bed until you reach exit 252, then turn left.

The original main building, café and offices are still standing, but the old garage with Texaco sign and postcard is still there, and the new gas station was built over the building. The old garages and the Texco sign with postcards are still in the garage, so you have to drive through it, as well as the other side of the street.

In 1924, a bridge was built over Walnut Creek near Winona, serving Route 66 from 1926 to 1947. In 1926, the section of the road from Winona to Flagstaff became Route 66 and remained so until 1947, when it was rebuilt west of Winonna. The 1947 route is now overlaid by a new, more modern motorway with the same name as the old one, but with some minor changes.

There is a map of the road from Meteor City from the 1940s (see map and directions), but there is no need to drive there by a normal car. You can drive on the western part of this road, as it is cut off from platform 40 and there are no signs for normal cars there, only a sign for a small parking lot.

Route 66 reached Toonerville and Twin Arrows in 1926 via the South Service Road of I-40, which is now cut off at its eastern tip. The road east of the canyon was moved to the current I / 40 line in the 1960s, and the road bed remained in operation until the 1970s, when a new I $40 axis was built over the bridge at what is now Exit 219. This eastern orientation of 1926 connected it with this bridge, past the present twin arrow trading post, and met what is now AZ 394. In 1990, it was abandoned along with the rest of its original orientation due to the construction of Interstate 40.

On the north side of AZ 394 it is in very good condition, but it is now closed to traffic and accessible only from the south side via I-40.

The area around Winona is wooded with pine and juniper trees, in a beautiful contrast to the desert further east. Arizona walnuts are very common along the creek, but they are not as strong as they are because the water flow through the upstream dam decreases. The river once carried water to Flagstaff, Arizona's second-largest city and a major tourist destination. It is now dry, as the dam upstream has held back water in the reservoir for Flagstaff residents. Open daily until Christmas, there are several hiking trails that allow you to discover the local buildings that line the walls of the gorge.

The melting of snow in spring is the best time to visit the waterfalls, as they become a muddy stream that falls to a depth of up to 200 m. March and April are best for this, but the snow melting in spring is melting and the water is carried along, so this is a good time to visit autumn.

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More About Winona