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Arizona, with its dramatic desert landscape, is the perfect place for a road trip and offers a wealth of great drives. Drive the Apache Trail, follow Route 66 or drive through the breathtaking scenery of Monument Valley, all of which is the best way to enjoy Arizona road trips.

I strongly recommend the trip to Williams, AZ, to the Grand Canyon for a nice adventure. If you have any other suggestions for Arizona Roadtrip, please read on for more information and more photos of the beautiful landscape.

Make sure to get a brochure for Arizona Route 66 (Pasport, AZ) and the Grand Canyon National Park. The brochures about Arizona Route 66 and Pasports are a good reference for the maps

If you stop in Arizona, carry your Arizona passport, and you must have an Arizona passport at every stop in Arizona.

The drive from Oatman to the California border is by far the most scenic part of the journey from Flagstaff, Arizona, to Winooski, California. The area can be used as a stopover for a day trip or as an overnight stay in a hotel in the area. If you take a short trip to a local park like Grand Canyon National Park, you will find that there are probably many other interesting natural attractions in and around the park. In the Flagstaff area, vacationers will discover a number of other natural attractions, including the Great Smoky Mountain National Wildlife Refuge, Gila River National Recreation Area and Arizona State Park.

This popular road trip takes in Grand Canyon National Park, Great Smoky Mountain National Wildlife Refuge and Gila River National Recreation Area. Continue on I-40 to Flagstaff, where there is an exit for SR-64, Exit 165, which leads north into Grand Canyon National Park. Pass through Williams, where you take exit 165 and exit SR 64 (165) northbound towards Grandanyon National Park.

Walking the inner paths of the canyon and descending to the bottom of the canyon is an activity that requires more time, but requires so little time that you want to leave your car to take photos.

Some people even choose to hike to the water, but there are many great driveable places to visit, such as the traces left on Route 66. Grand Falls, Arizona is a fantastic place to explore, and if you want to spend a day exploring everything it has to offer, you should take advantage of the many hiking trails, waterfalls, trails and trails for hiking and biking.

We had a great time in Winslow, where you can stand on every corner and get painted and petrified by the beauty of the mountains and the breathtaking views of the Grand Falls.

There is an equally dramatic but very different route that follows the old stagecoach path that leads from Apache Junction, east of Phoenix, into the Superstition Mountains. This stretch of the entire route in Arizona is known as the Purple Heart Trail, which honors those wounded in combat who have received a Purple Heart. Arizona reaches its most scenic stretch, the Grand Canyon Trail.

Here you start climbing up the old highway to the pine trees - covered peaks of the Superstition Mountains. If you are only 2 hours drive from Peach Springs, you will know the gateway to the Grand Canyon West Skywalk.

Pre - Dating Route 66 , one of the most dangerous roads and you could drive through Arizona in about five hours. One might be warned that it is difficult to follow this example, since it has been replaced by the modern road system.

With the exception of one stretch between Kingman and Flagstaff, the famous US 66 in northern Arizona was replaced directly by I-40. The road bed remained in operation until the mid-1990s, when a new I / 40 route was built along the current exit 219. There is no doubt that Oatman saved Route 66, which was bypassed in favor of Interstate 40. In 1924, a bridge was built over Walnut Creek in Winona, serving Route 66 from 1926 to 1947.

The Grand Canyon Railroad was closed in the late 1920s and early 1930s due to its increasing popularity as a tourist attraction.

The Grand Canyon remains a destination on Route 66, which is just 50 miles from Mother Road. Williams is the final stop on Route 66, which runs through Williams and is dedicated to "Mother Road." This small town is just a few miles from the rest of Route 66, which follows for the rest of her journey to Kingman. Here 66 run for a mile and are adorned with an abundance of souvenir shops and restaurants that meander through the area.

Some of the most famous places on the road in Arizona are Flagstaff, Winona and Kingman, which are mentioned in the recorded Route 66 songs like "Mother Road" and "The Grand Canyon."

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